As I spend my NYE watching a bowl game, snuggling kids in footed pajamas, and struggling to believe that it isn’t even TEN yet, I’m giving some thought to 2014.  2014 holds a lot of promise: watching two babies grow, tons of career growth for Ross, and I’ll be turning 30 (!).  To be fair, I have no issues surrounding my entrance into my 30s – I think they will be a great time and I’m totally ready to embrace the next phase in life, but I have a few things I want to accomplish while I’m still a 20-something.  That’s sort of what BIMJ is all about – my goofy goals, progress, and a general love for all things butter related.  So in the name of accountability, here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish before 12/13/14 – the day I turn 30.

1. Learn to cook Asian food.

I’m really NOT trying to sound so American by minimizing an entire continent into one sentence (or dish, for that matter).  The thing is, I love Thai food, I love Japanese food, I love Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese food, but I honestly can’t cook any of it.  My goal is to try 2 new dishes of the Asian persuasion per month, so by the time it’s 2015, I have a few winners to rotate.  My first goal is hot and sour soup.

2. Run a 10k.

So my facebook is full of my fit peers running half marathons and marathons.  I’m totally impressed, yet not at all interested in running for actual hours at a time.  A 10k seems like a reasonable distance.  Plus I haven’t won a medal for anything in more than 10 years, and I’d like to change that (and ideally the shape of my butt).  My goal is to run 2 in 2014 (because together it’s almost a half marathon).

3. Incorporate pies into everyday life.

I love pie, to the point that we had pie at our wedding instead of cake, but I’ve found I reserve pies for special occasions.  I think that’s truly a shame because pie is not only my favorite dessert, but also that of so many people I’m fond of.  I’m hoping to make a new pie every month, just because.

4. Do a handstand without a wall.

So back in November of 2012 I decided to learn how to do a headstand.  It took less time than expected, but I found out I was pregnant probably 2 weeks after I could do it without a wall.  I stopped because since it was a fairly new practice for me it seemed unwise to continue.  My first goal is a headstand without a wall again, then move onto a handstand.  Then, eventually a totally badass looking yoga move so I can take a picture and show it to my kids (and the world).  Step 1: buy a new yoga mat because the dog peed on mine.

5. Enter some knitted goods into the State Fair.

Because every year I peruse the Embarcadero and wish I had.  I’m hoping to make 3 fair-worthy items.  Be prepared for extreme levels of obnoxiousness if my work is displayed.

6. Make 2 successful souffles.

Because I watch Gordon Ramsay and Top Chef and I’m a sucker for challenge.  I want to make a chocolate souffle and a cheese souffle, partially because Robin’s new film du jour is Beauty and the Beast and “Be Our Guest” has been in my head for 7 solid days.

7. Finish a triathlon.

A sprint (5k run, 10-15 mile bike, 1/2 mile or so swim), obviously.  Again, I want a medal, and I have several family members doing it.

8. Blog.

I enjoy taking a few minutes every now and again to write, share recipes, and reflect.  But this road goes two ways, if it turns out my mom is my only reader (thanks, mom!), I’ll just call her instead.

9. Stop using my phone in the car.

This is my New Year’s Resolution.  I don’t currently text and drive, but I do at a red light sometimes.  I am going to stop using it at all – I have two precious babies in the car, so there’s really no excuse.  I encourage you to do the same.

So, it’s ambitious, but then so am I.  I figure even if I accomplish half of the things on my list it will be a pretty great year.  Stay tuned, and happy new year!

5 thoughts on “2014

  1. I love everything about this except for the pie per month. My suggestion is to bake one pie per every 20 miles you run.’that way, we all win more often.

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